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Hernia treatment

Hernia Repair Surgery

What is Hernia?

Hernia is a medical problem where a person experiences swelling in their body part via an unusual opening. Hernia mainly happens due to problems in the stomach or intestine. Because of the accumulation of a kind of tissue in a particular area, a lump is formed. This may not be visible when you are sitting or sleeping but it does bulges out when you are standing. In some cases, this lump may give you some pain and discomfort. There is no such symptom of hernia before the lump is being formed on your body part.

A hernia does not cause any such problem in living but may become problematic if not treated for long. People who smoke as well as elder people are at a higher risk of suffering from a hernia. However, a person must visit a Hernia Doctor in Gurgaon, Delhi when they start to experience any kind of discomfort due to the lump. The doctor will look at the cause of the problem and suggest the treatment options accordingly. Commonly, a hernia can be treated by open surgical repair or by laparoscopic repair. Before it grows and reaches a critical stage, it is important that you visit a doctor and cure the same as soon as possible. The treatment involves some easy incisions in the look which can be cured and healed very soon. Moreover, the treatment for the same is highly successful and involves minimal risk if done by the Best Surgeon for Hernia Repair in Gurgaon.

Causes of Hernia:

There are no particular causes of hernia, but there are some activities that promote the growth of the same. Also, there are some cases in which hernia is present in the children from the time of their birth. The reason behind it is their weak abdominal wall. Even in adults, the major cause of hernia is excessive pressure on the weak walls of the abdominal wall. People suffering from constipation exert pressure on these walls and thus the chances of getting hernia increase. Moreover, abdominal walls require some essential nutrients to maintain its strength. But when a person lacks those nutrients, then it can be the cause of weak abdominal walls and hence results in the hernia.

Excessive smoking for a long period of time can also make these walls weak. If your body experiences regular physical exertion, then the chances of suffering from the hernia increases. Furthermore, the people who are obese and overweight also have loose as well as weak abdominal walls, and thus the chances of getting hernia are greater as compared to a healthy person. Abdominal fluid also plays an important role in giving some strength to the abdominal walls. This is the reason why the lack of or problem in an abdominal fluid can also give rise to a hernia. Sometimes, when you have an injury, then some infections can also lead to a hernia. Aging is one of the major causes of hernia and thus, most patients of the same are elders.

Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernias come in all shapes and sizes. Different size hernias need different treatments! Small hernias can be repaired laparoscopically with the placement of a mesh with wide overlap with normal tissue. Large complex hernias and recurrent hernias usually need a specialized type of reconstruction of the abdominal wall so that the gap can be brought together and reinforced by a large mesh.

Dr. Vikas Singhal was lucky to be trained in his Fellowship at University Hospitals of Cleveland by Dr. Yuri Novitsky, who is the pioneer of the posterior component separation technique for repair of large complex ventral hernias. Find a safe and effective solution at an affordable Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Cost with Dr. Vikas Singhal.

We are happy to say that at Medanta – Medicity Hospital, we carry out surgeries for all types of hernias with the latest and most suitable techniques for the patient at a great success rate.

The various types of hernia surgery we perform are:

  • Laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs
  • Open ventral hernia repair with only mesh
  • Open ventral hernia repair with rives-stoppa retrorectus mesh
  • Open ventral hernia with anterior component separation
  • Laparoscopic anterior component separation
  • Open posterior component separation (Transversus Abdominis Release) with abdominoplasty
  • Laparoscopic or open inguinal hernia repairs

Before & After

Hernia Tar Before- Large Hernia Before


Hernia Tar After- Abdominal Wall Reconstruction


✱ Results may vary person to person.

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