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Case study- Bariatric surgery

Having faced taunts from her childhood, Ms. Dharitri Sharma started facing medical issues in her life due to her excessive weight. While dieting and exercises managed to reduce her problem marginally, the results obtained weren’t as expected, and as the complications kept coming, she decided to go for a consultation and bariatric surgery. Ms. Sharma was familiar with the ecosystem of Medanta, and after having entered the process, Dr. Vikas Singhal and his team carried out the surgery, something that helped her shave around 30 kilos of weight. Want to know more about her recovery journey? Keep watching to find out!

Case study 2 - Bariatric surgery

55 year old lady with extensive weight related problems including lung disease, liver disease, heart problems. She was unable to walk. She needed oxygen support. She had an extremely low quality of life. After admitting her and optimizing her for surgery for 5 days with opinion from several specialists including chest doctors, heart doctors, she under Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. She had a smooth recovery and after 4 days was discharged home without needing oxygen support. This is her video along with her son 2 months after surgery. Apart from loosing more than 10 Kg weight she came to OPD walking. She already had extensive improvement in her medical conditions and improved quality of life.

Case study - Large Hernia

A 30 year male patient came to us about one year after having undergone surgery in Patna for a Road traffic accident that necessitated abdominal surgery for intestinal trauma. He had a long recovery course from that surgery and subsequently developed a large hernia so much so that when he would stand the entire abdomen would bulge out as in the before surgery video. Due to this he was unable to return to work. He felt pain every day. He had difficulty with urination and passing stool as he was unable to strain. He was refused surgery at several centers due to extreme size of hernia. He was understandably extremely anxious when he came to us. After optimization for surgery with high protein diet and respiratory optimization he underwent Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery (Posterior component separation with Transverse abdominis release). He underwent a smooth post operative recovery and has returned for 3 follow up visits over 1 year and continues to do well. He is now active, returned to work and able to lead a near normal life.