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Dr Vikas Singhal Bariatric Surgeon in Delhi, Gurgaon

Dr. Vikas Singhal – Bariatric Surgeon, Gurgaon

Consultant- Department of GI & Bariatric Surgery, Medanta- Medicity Hospital

After graduating from Maulana Azad Medical College, Dr. Vikas Singhal, the Obesity Specialist Doctor, went to pursue further training in the U.K. He completed initial training in surgery from Birmingham, Coventry, and Leeds. After this, he moved to America for higher training. He completed a five-year Surgical Residency from the Guthrie Clinic, Pennsylvania. After this, he pursued a Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic and Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery from Case Medical Center, Cleveland, USA. He believes in honest and ethical patient care. He practices Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM).

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Bariatric Surgery in Gurgaon

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is truly a life-changing surgery! It can help with a new chapter...

Diabetes Surgery

Diabetes Surgery

To start with we share some interesting facts about Diabetes (common form is the...

Laparoscopic Surgery in Gurgaon

Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr. Singhal did a Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery from University Hospitals of Cleveland....

Hernia treatment

Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernias come in all shapes and sizes. Different size hernias need different treatments! Small...

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bariatric surgery clinic

Who is Bariatric surgery for?

Bariatric surgery typically helps patients who are more than about 25 Kg above their ideal body weight for their height. Especially if they have other metabolic problems such as...

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how to be fit- weight loss treatment

It’s Time to Really Get Fit From Head to Toe

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” says the World Health Organization. While fitness is certainly...

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weight loss treatment

Why is it difficult to lose weight for a lot of people?

Have you noticed that sometimes there are two brothers one who is overweight and not able to lose weight and the other one is thin and not able to...

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Tips to Avoid Weight Gain after a Bariatric Surgery

Five Tips to Avoid Weight Gain after a Bariatric Surgery

In most cases, patients keep a tab on their weight after the surgery and do not gain a lot of weight over time. But, in some cases patients regain...

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exercise after hernia surgery

When can I exercise after hernia surgery?

Although typically you will need to refrain from heavy exercises for some time after abdominal hernia surgery. But, this does not mean you cannot exercise at all after the...

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Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery: Its future in India

Diabetes & Obesity are becoming increasingly common problems in every other household. Obesity is now recognized by WHO as a medical condition or a disease as it has various...

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Bariatric Surgery is Helpful to Control Diabetes

डायबिटीज का सर्जरी से इलाज? वाकई?

बरिएट्रिक या मेटाबोलिक सर्जरी पश्चिमी देशों में काफी होती है और अब भारत में भी बढ़ती संख्या में होने लगी है| इसको मेटाबोलिक सर्जरी इसलिए भी कहा जाता है...

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bariatric surgery weight loss solution

बेरिएट्रिक सर्जरी के साथ मोटापा और संबंधित स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं का इलाज

डायबिटीज और मोटापे से हर घर में कोई न कोई पीड़ित है.  जब वजन बहुत ज़्यादा बढ़ जाता है तो उसे ओबेसिटी कहा जाता है.  यह आगे चल के...

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Bariatric Surgery in Gurgaon

Getting Ready for Bariatric Surgery

Getting ready for Bariatric surgery does need preparation as we really want that surgery should be done in the safest possible circumstances for you. First and foremost is your...

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Fatty Liver: What Now?

So your ultrasound report says Grade 2 Fatty Liver! Now what does that mean and what is the treatment? Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is fast becoming one...

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Diet And Exercise Tips

Diet And Exercise Tips – A Balanced Approach

Irrespective of your weight you should try to follow a balanced approach when it comes to diet and exercise. The concept of a healthy balanced diet is not there...

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