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Reema Singh

20 June 2017

I was always an obese kid, larger than most of the crowd and usually the oddest one out! This suppressed my confidence levels internally, although for the outside world I was always the smart one, whereas deep down I knew that this was a shortcoming which a very few would openly comment on, and when they did, I would consider them as my worse enemies and people short on mannerisms specially while talking to a lady! So all kinda excuses just to keep up my esteem for societal reasons, with different realities ofcourse! Was never interested in dressing up or looking good, unlike other women, and preferred giving the impression of a breezy individual…as I knew nothing would help conceal the 130 Kgs of flab that I carried with me.
Doctors had advised the weight-loss surgery to me umpteen times but each time I found some or the other reason to run away from it, as I could never trust anyone in the medical fraternity for this particular issue. More so, I had lost all zeal to ever get in shape, as none of my active life regimes ever worked. It was frustrating and had killed all my excitement to the T.
Through one of my close friends, I was referred to Dr Vikas Singhal and I was amazed at his patience levels and the encouragement that he pumped into me for undertaking the Bariatric procedure – something that has made me relive my dreams and brought back my life that I had lost years back because of the weight that I carried… the medical issues that it had brought up and a phase of depression that was gradually sweeping in. Deep in my mind I thought that this curse would remain with me forever, regardless of the efforts I undertake, and a large part of which can also be blamed on the lifestyle issues that one enjoys now a days. After an hour long discussion with Dr Singhal, when he helped me understand the nuances of the Bariatric surgery with the minutest details being covered, I was convinced that I am making the right decision and his support at each point further strengthened my belief.
The first 15-20 days post the surgery were very tough as I faced a lot of issues in fooding and getting used to a newer lifestyle. However, with the weight going down significantly and all other issues getting back to normal, the problems that I had faced were insignificant and died down eventually. Within the first 10 days when the scale moved down by 10 kgs, it was unbelievable for me as I had never imagined this feeling at all…and now I am down by over 30 kgs in 4.5 months…changing my life each day…lowering my inches with each passing week and scaling my confidence levels up each moment. I feel good about myself, devoid of all health problems that had enveloped me for years, glowy skin and a completely clear medical report.

Most recommended for anyone who has been suffering with this disease. And Dr Singhal is the savior! God sent in every sense…