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June 2, 2022 In Diabetes, Diabetes Surgery Cost By Dr. Vikas Singhal

Diabetes Surgery Cost in India: How much is surgery for diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. About 1.5 million deaths are reported annually whose direct cause is Diabetes. Diabetes is not only a condition that can be detrimental to health but can cause various other systemic complications. 

Ultimately, the ability of the body to stabilize blood sugar levels is affected. The constantly fluctuating blood glucose levels in the body push the organs to a compensatory mechanism. Over a long period, these mechanisms slowly give up, increasing the risk of complications. 

Only less than 50% of people are able to gain good control of their blood glucose levels with lifestyle, diet, and medications.

Obesity- When the bodyweight is more than 20% of your ideal weight, it is termed obesity. 

The presence of obesity along with diabetes makes it a very conducive environment for the development of other conditions such as:

A. Heart disease

B. Stroke

C. Skin wounds

D. Erectile dysfunction

E. High BP

F. Renal failure

G. Neuropathy

H. Cognitive decline

Once diagnosed, diabetes treatment in India is prescribed for a specific duration with periodic checkups to monitor and assess the level of glycemic control. With time, the response to these measures declines physiologically. A higher dose of medication and multi-drug therapy is needed to regulate the level of blood sugar. 

If you or your loved ones are struggling with diabetes, it is very important and empowering to know that surgery is now available as a treatment for diabetes. For people with obesity along with Diabetes, diabetes treatment in India is a challenge. A considerable reduction in body weight is achieved with diabetes surgery. 

This level of weight loss cuts down the negative influence of body weight on blood sugar levels and vice versa. The surgeon determines whether surgery is right for you and what type of procedure works best for you. Here we discuss diabetes surgery cost in India.

Are there any surgeries for diabetes?

There are various types of surgical procedures available today. They are

a. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy,

b.  Laparoscopic gastric banding,

c. Gastric bypass,

d. Modified sleeve gastrectomy, 

e. Ileal interposition.

Many patients battling Diabetes wonder, is type 2 diabetes curable?

Today, surgery is an option for diabetes management in those with Type 1 Diabetes under special consideration and in Type 2 Diabetes with good clinical outcomes. 

Type 1 Diabetes:

With type 1 diabetes, surgery is recommended and performed to replace the existing pancreas with a fresh and healthy one. This surgery is usually performed in line with another transplant such as the kidney

Type 2 Diabetes:

The International Diabetes Foundation has now recommended diabetes surgery to manage the blood sugar effectively in patients with diabetes. In about 9 to 10 patients with obesity, there is a direct connection between the two. The surgery for type 2 Diabetes helps the patient to lose weight consistently and establish better glycemic control. 

As far as the surgery is concerned, we have some of the best surgeons in the field, and India is fast emerging as the chosen destination for the procedure for an international clientele. This is because of:

  • The expertise of the Indian surgeons in the field,
  • World-class services and state-of-the-art technology, 
  • Cost-effective nature of health care,
  • No compromise on quality, and
  • The language competence of Indians to handle international patients.

How much does treatment for diabetes cost?

As compared to various other countries, the cost of the surgery in India is only about 60-70%.

Here we break down the cost of diabetes surgery by, 

  • The type of surgery – pancreas transplant cost in India may differ from that of sleeve gastrectomy,
  • Cost of the surgery in Delhi,
  • Cost of the procedure in major cities across India,
  • Total cost in comparison to other countries.

With respect to the cost of the procedure, our sole aim is for the patient to undergo safe surgery at the right cost. The initial consultation includes a preoperative workup that may cost around Rs 15000 to  20000. 

Also, the cost varies on whether you have any other associated medical conditions and the type of accommodation chosen- twin sharing, single, single deluxe, super deluxe or a suite.  In case you do, there may be additional costs incurred to stabilise the condition. In such situations, the hospital stay may be extended and there may be an additional cost of Rs 30000 to Rs 40000. 

For a sleeve gastrectomy with twin sharing, assuming your physical condition is stable, the cost may be around Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 3,20,000.

Cost of diabetes surgery in Delhi

                  Type of diabetes surgery                Average cost in Delhi in INR
        Sleeve gastrectomy        4,05,140 to 5,12,340
        Gastric by pass      2,05,000 to 4,75,000
        Pancreatic transplant        1,456,000 to 2,310,000
        Gastric banding        2,85,000 to 4, 72,000
          Ileal transposition          2,10,000 to 3, 87,000

Diabetes surgery cost in india

                            City        Approximate cost of diabetes surgery
          Delhi                2,00,520 – Rs.4,82,500
          Bangalore                2,24,000 – Rs.3,50,000
              Mumbai                1,75,000 – Rs.5,40,000
              Gurgaon                2,28,000 – Rs.3,47,000
              Chennai              2, 34,000 – 3, 28,000       
          Hyderabad              2,34,000 – 3,15,000
          Pune              1,78,000 – 2, 48,000

The diabetes surgery cost in India  in  comparison to various countries

      The Type of surgery    Accommodation type  Average cost in India in INR
Type of Diabetes SurgeryUSAUKIndiaThailandSingapore
Pancreas Transplant$73,000$64,000$18,000$22,040$27,210
Islet Transplant$62,5000$55,000$16,000$20,500$25,120
Bariatric Surgery$24,3400$18,450$6,000$7,600$9,215
Ileal Interposition$32,000$24,6300$7,000$9,090$11,310
Duodenal Switch$27,000$20,040$6,500$8,080$10,020

Factors Affecting the Cost of Diabetes

The  diabetes surgery cost in india  depends upon:

  • Your current medical condition 
  • The type of surgical procedure
  • The hospital or the facility you choose for the procedure
  • Accomodation choices during your hospital stay
  • Duration of hospital stay

The total cost of diabetes surgery cost in india  includes the following

  • Surgeon’s fee,
  • The type of surgery- pancreas transplant cost in india  vs sleeve gastrectomy,
  • Personal supplies,
  • Medical supplies,
  • Operation theatre cost,
  • Medication cost,
  • Laboratory tests including blood investigations, ultrasound, etc.,
  • Pathological investigations as appropriate,
  • Consulting fee to the surgeon,
  • Dietician consultation,
  • The length of ICU stay,
  • ICU costs per day,
  • Physiological support systems needed in the ICU,
  • Duration of the room stay, 
  • Cost of nursing care,
  • Advanced imaging techniques,
  • World class infrastructure and its cost for use,
  • Health screening cost differs from that of pancreas transplant cost in India and a gastric bypass,
  • Weight management services.

The procedure involves various costs and varies such as (H2)

a. Preoperative workup costs that include blood tests, imaging or endoscopy

b.  Different types of procedures as per the need- laparoscopy, endoscopy etc

c.  The type of accommodation chosen such as twin sharing, single room etc

d. The cost of a laparoscopic gastric bypass in a twin sharing room will cost around Rs  3.5 lakh

e. If you do not have any other medical conditions, the average cost will go up to Rs 3.2 lakh


  1. Can surgery cure diabetes?

Diabetes surgery can be a very effective modality in treating diabetes, and complete remission is possible in almost all cases. 

  1. Is type 2 diabetes curable?

Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition that cannot be cured but managed well. People with diabetes can lead a normal life with the help of medications and lifestyle changes. When these measures do not work, diabetes surgery in gurgaon is available at Dr Vikas Singhal.

  1. Is surgery a good choice to treat diabetes?

We are encountering a steady spike of lifestyle disorders of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is partly due to genetic predisposition and partly because of rapid urbanization, sedentary lifestyle, inactive habits, etc. India is third in the world in terms of the obese population.  By 2030, diabetes is expected to rise to about 98 million people in India. 


Diabetes attracts many other diseases, such as  the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Since it is  a progressive condition, diabetes treatment in India is very expensive. There is a good chance that a person with diabetes can continue insulin injections and medication for a lifetime. This can be very taxing for people with diabetes, and It may negatively influence their quality of life. 

For people who ask, “ is type 2 diabetes curable”? Diabetes or metabolic surgery is a blessing for those struggling or anxious about managing their diabetes in the long term. Diabetes treatment in India has many implications. Surgery is a breakthrough. It aids in  managing not only diabetes but also handling the various complications associated with its impact – such as cardiovascular disease. Also, while considering costs such as for pancreas transplant cost in India, many choices are available.

For patients, diabetes treatment in India does take a toll on their finances, and  surgery is considered the last option to  manage diabetes. For someone who needs to lose about 40-50 kg, the usual lifestyle approaches/medications may not be efficient.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vikas Singhal. He will assess your health status and recommend the right procedure. With surgery, you will be able to achieve control over your diabetes and live a productive life.

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