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June 9, 2022 In hernia surgery, laparoscopic surgery By Dr. Vikas Singhal

What is the cost of laparoscopic hernia surgery in India?

Laparoscopic hernia surgery is a minimally invasive surgical technique used to repair and correct herniated tissues. This procedure uses small keyhole size incisions on the abdomen through which tools including a laparoscope, a cannula, or a thin tube with a camera at the end, are used to perform the procedure.
Sometimes, a mesh is used to keep the obtruding tissues in their position. Read on if you want to know more about what is the cost of laparoscopic hernia surgery in India. the cost of hernia surgery in india might vary from person to person.

  1. Different types of Laparoscopic method for hernia
  2. Cost of hernia in india
  3. Factors affecting the cost
  4. Why choose india for laprocopic hernia surgery?
  5. Why Choose Dr Vikas Singhal?
  6. FAQ’s
  7. Take away

1. Different Types of Laparoscopic Methods For Hernia

There are three different methods used for laparoscopic hernia surgery in gurgaon such as

  1. IPOM
  2. TEP
  3. TAPP

IPOM– The IPOM (Intraperitoneal Onlay Mesh)is a technique in which a mesh is used inside the abdomen and placed from the internal surface over the area of the hernia. After placing the mesh, it is well secured from inside the abdomen. This puts back the herniated tissues in place and prevents their protrusion.

TEP– A TEP (Totally Extra Peritoneal) laparoscopic hernia repair is a technique that fixes your  hernia from the outside of your abdomen instead of introducing the laparoscopic instruments through the incisions. 

TAPP ( Transabdominal Peritoneal) repair of a hernia is done by introducing laparoscopic instruments through your abdominal cavity. This is done by entering the lining that encases the abdominal organs called the peritoneum. A mesh is placed at the area of the abdomen that needs strengthening.

Each method has its own advantages and varied laparoscopic hernia surgery cost and which method is right for you will be a decision that is made by your surgeon based on:

  • Your suitability for general anaesthesia
  • The type and degree of the hernia
  • Whether the hernia repair is primary, recurrent, or bilateral 
  • If the hernia is feasible for a laparoscopic approach

2. Cost of Hernia Surgery in India

What is the cost of laparoscopic hernia surgery in India is the  most commonly asked question and here is something you need to know

  • The average laparoscopic hernia surgery cost in  India is INR Rs.65,000 
  •  The minimum price for Hernia Surgery in India starts from INR Rs.49,000
  • The maximum laparoscopic hernia surgery cost  in India is up to INR Rs.2,48,000 
  • The technique chosen also plays a role in cost of hernia surgery in india
  • AN IPOM repair may cost between Rs 57,00 to Rs 1,90,000
  • A TEP hernia repair will cost you between the range of 62,000 and 2,20,000
  • The laparoscopic hernia surgery cost for a TAPP hernia repair is between Rs 68,000 and 2,40,000
  • The cost of hernia surgery in india includes the mesh and tracker used, cost of the procedure, operating charges, hospital expenses , post surgical care, and medications 

The hernia surgery cost in indian rupees across major cities of India:

CityCost (INR)
DelhiRs.65,000 – Rs.2,60,000
MumbaiRs.58,000 – Rs.3,30,000
GurgaonRs.63,000 – Rs.1,10,000
ChennaiRs.53,000 – Rs.2,00,000
BangaloreRs.61,000 – Rs.1,10,000
PuneRs.47,000 – Rs.2,00,000

3. Factors Affecting The Cost of Hernia Surgery in India

  • Cost of admission
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Age of the patient and any associated conditions that may be present
  • The cost of investigations 
  • The type of hernia and the degree of repair necessary
  • Your medical condition at the time of the surgery will determine the total cost.
  • The technique of the procedure as determined by the surgeon
  • Post-surgical care 
  • Location of the hospital
  • The expertise of the surgeon 
  • Type of hospital and the surgeon’s expertise
  • The accommodation that you choose at the hospital

4. Why choose India for laparoscopic hernia surgery?

  • One of the main pointers that draw people to India for medical procedures is the low-cost health care in terms of the cost of hernia surgery in India
  • It is a great choice to opt for medical treatment in India while considering hernia surgery cost in Indian rupees
  • A substantial percentage of doctors in India have specialized in countries like Germany, the UK, US, Australia, etc. and perform the procedure with world-class standards.
  • India has one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and exporting to more than 180 countries along with the availability of low-cost generic medicines.
  • The cost of hernia surgery in India is only about 60-80% of the cost in most countries
  • Hospitals in India have earned the reputation of world-class institutions with state-of-the-art technology. These are of internal standard and lower hernia surgery costs in Indian rupees. 
  • The wait time is very less for a procedure which is the main deterrent to healthcare in other countries
  • India has a very high percentage of professionals who speak English, which makes communication easier.

5. Why Choose Dr Vikas Singhal?

  • Dr Singhal has a great deal of expertise in minimally invasive surgeries from international universities and maintains the same standard of care for all his patients. 
  • His special interest in laparoscopic procedures with world-class care makes him the best choice for laparoscopic procedures. 
  • Dr Vikas Singhal performs laparoscopic procedures with the utmost precision 
  • He constantly stays on top of the latest research and advancements in his niche, and that translates into excellent care for his patients.
  • He will answer your questions such as what is the cost of laparoscopic hernia surgery in India and more to help you make a decision

6. FAQ’s

Depending on the various factors mentioned above, the hernia surgery cost in Indian rupees  may vary anywhere between Rs 70,000 to Rs 3,00,000.  The cost is inclusive of

  1. The surgeon’s fee,
  2. Cost of investigations required,
  3. Post-surgical care required after the surgery,
  4. The admission and accommodation costs involved,
  5. Cost of anaesthesia and its administration,
  6. Medication costs involved,
  7. The type of room you choose at the hospital.

The cost of hernia mesh may go up to Rs 35,000 depending upon

  1. The material used
  2. Type of mesh
  3. The size and quality

  • The duration of hospital stay is lesser in laparoscopic procedures, making it a great choice.
  • The number of internal scars is minimal when compared to a traditional technique
  •  External scars on the skin surface are hardly visible and less concerning
  • Since the incisions are the size of a keyhole, the wound healing and recovery is faster
  • You experience less pain during the post-operative period.
  • Return to your activities, and resuming your routine becomes easier
  • There is very less chance of wound infection and your recovery period is a lot smoother


If your doctor has confirmed the diagnosis of hernia and advised surgical intervention, then the laparoscopic approach is a good choice. Laparoscopic surgery will help you recover sooner and better with all its advantages. Consult with your surgeon to make an informed decision. 

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