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February 15, 2021 In Sleeve Gastrectomy By Dr. Vikas Singhal


Also known as a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, a Sleeve Gastrectomy is a surgical procedure for weight loss. Typically done laparoscopically, the procedure involves making multiple small incisions and the subsequent insertion of small instruments into the upper abdomen. A Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure removes almost 80 percent of the stomach, leaving it in the shape of a tube, which is somewhere around the size of a banana.

After it, the procedure helps restrict the amount of food that the patient can consume. Furthermore, it also aids in hormonal changes that assist the weight loss and reduce the risks of heart diseases or high blood pressure. It is also commonly known as a fat loss surgery in Delhi


When Should Get A Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

A person should ideally get a Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure done when trying to get rid of their excess weight. Additionally, if one is at risk of suffering from the following health conditions due to their weight, they should consider this procedure.

  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. Heart disease
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Obstructive sleep apnoea
  5. High cholesterol
  6. Heart attack
  7. Infertility
  8. Cancer

Sleeve Gastrectomy is also a good option for a person if their Body Mass Index, or BMI, is between 35 to 39 or higher than 40. [1]


The Procedure Of A Sleeve Gastrectomy Entail?

Before the procedure:

Before getting a sleeve gastrectomy in Gurgaon, there are a few precautions that one must take. In addition to stopping any alcohol consumption and smoking, the patient may also require to start exercising and other physical activities. Additionally, it is imperative to take the medications prescribed by the surgeon regularly without fail. It is also advisable to stop taking any extra medication or drugs a week before the surgery, to avoid any complications. 


During the procedure: 

A Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure requires the patient to spend a couple of nights at the hospital to recover without any complications. Before beginning with the procedure, the surgeon will first administer general anaesthesia to feel any pain or discomfort during the surgery. 

Then, they will create a narrow sleeve into the stomach by creating multiple small incisions. Next, they will insert tiny instruments called trocars into the abdomen to inspect the stomach and surrounding blood vessels.

The surgeon will then insert a Bougie tube into the stomach, which will follow by removing a majority part of the stomach (generally the curved part of the stomach). Finally, the surgeon will staple the stomach vertically. The new stomach divides into two separate parts, wherein the remaining stomach is in the shape and size of a banana and has around 20 to 25 percent of the stomach’s original volume. [2]

A Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure takes anywhere between one to two hours, followed by recovery in the hospital.


What Can One Expect After The Procedure?

After the procedure, the surgeon will recommend remaining on a diet of sugar-free and non-carbonated liquids for a week. It will follow by consumption of pureed foods for around three weeks. One can begin consuming regular foods a month after surgery. 

Additionally, a few months after the procedure, it will be required to get medical check-ups and other tests regularly. 


“The Risks Associated With A Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure”

As with any major surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with a Sleeve Gastrectomy. However, they are relatively uncommon and are easily treatable. Some of these risks include:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Soreness at the site of incision
  3. Pain at the incision site
  4. Nausea
  5. Reaction to anaesthesia
  6. Constipation
  7. vomiting


Some long-term risks associated with this procedure include:

  1. Hernia
  2. Gastrointestinal obstruction
  3. Hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar
  4. Malnutrition
  5. Acid reflux


“The Advantages Of Getting A Sleeve Gastrectomy”

Some of the advantages of having a fat loss surgery in Delhi include:

  1. The procedure restricts the amount of food one can consume.
  2. One can experience a significant weight loss which lasts a long time. 
  3. The surgery does not require me to spend a long time in the hospital. One can go home after one or two days of the surgery. 
  4. A Sleeve Gastrectomy also reduces the risk of other health-related ailments, such as migraines, heart diseases and more. 


“The Cost Of A Sleeve Gastrectomy In Delhi”

The cost of sleeve gastrectomy in Gurgaon depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are as follows:

  1. Cost of hospital
  2. Doctor and surgeon’s fee
  3. Experience and accreditation of the surgeon
  4. Techniques and medication used during the surgery
  5. Type of surgery
  6. Cost of anaesthesia
  7. The general health of the patient

Ideally, the cost of a Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in Delhi ranges from INR 2,10,000 to INR 3,70,000. [3]



Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery can help reduce excess weight and improve the ability to perform day-to-day chores and activities. It will also give an enhanced quality of life. From losing almost 40 to 70 per cent of the excess body weight in just the first year of surgery to having an improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels, a Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery also gives a new outlook of life. 

Furthermore, it can also help improve the functional mobility of a person and give them a boost of self-confidence and improved self-esteem. [4] However, to recover properly from a Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery, it is also crucial to adjust and change eating habits and lifestyle. Besides taking multivitamins and consuming foods rich in nutrients and minerals, one must also stay away from junk food, carbonated drinks and other unhealthy habits. 


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