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October 29, 2018 In Blog By Dr. Vikas Singhal

Five Tips to Avoid Weight Gain after a Bariatric Surgery

In most cases, patients keep a tab on their weight after the surgery and do not gain a lot of weight over time. But, in some cases patients regain some weight. If you follow these 5 simple tips you should be able to do really well and avoid regaining weight after undergoing a bariatric surgery in Gurgaon.

  1. Exercise for one hour daily at least five days in a week. Within a few weeks after the surgery you will start to feel the difference in your mobility. Patients feel increased energy and are able to walk better. The quicker you start following a fitness regime, you will go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain the weight loss throughout your life. Also exercising will itself help you feel energetic and positive throughout the day. Exercise is essential for your heart’s health too!
  2. Eat 3 meals and 2 healthy snacks in a day. About one month after exercising regularly you should get into a healthy eating pattern. Eat timely and don’t skip meals!!
  3. Take a high protein diet. Aim for at least 60 gram of proteins daily. Eat protein first in your meal. Don’t eat and drink together. Fill up your small stomach with a healthy high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Protein also lasts longer and avoids food craving.
  4. Take plenty of fluids through the day. Aim to drink up 60 ounce of fluids daily. Totally avoid sugary drinks and fizzy drinks.
  5. Make sure you attend your follow up visits with your weight loss surgeon to keep up the motivation! Your visit with your doctor is a must in order to understand your weight loss treatment.

Apart from medical check up this will ensure that you are following the healthy diet and exercise, which is what will help you life-long. You will also need monitoring of nutrient levels and supplementation as required.

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