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October 26, 2018 In Blog By Dr. Vikas Singhal

When can I exercise after hernia surgery?

Although typically you will need to refrain from heavy exercises for some time after abdominal hernia surgery. But, this does not mean you cannot exercise at all after the surgery. Abdominal wall hernia whether in the groin or another area occurs either due to an area of weakness in the muscles because of a previous surgery or sometimes takes place as a defect that has been there since birth.

Almost immediately after the surgery when the postoperative pain is under controlled you can start walking around. In fact, the best hernia doctor in Gurgaon will advise you to walk as much as you can. It will help expedite your recovery. There is no restriction to walking or climbing stairs also. Once you are comfortable typically in 1-2 weeks after the surgery you can lift light weights up to around 5 kgs. Heavy weights more than 5 kgs or strenuous exercises can be continued after 6 weeks of the surgery. The reason for this is that after the tissue is cut it takes some time for the tissue regeneration and recovery of strength. This is due to collagen deposition and remodelling that gradually restore the strength of the tissue. Most of this process is completed within 6 weeks of the surgery. Although some strength restoration continues to occur for few months after the surgery. Although the final recommendation will be made by your doctor but generally it is okay to resume most exercises and weight training within 6 to 8 weeks of the surgery. If you are undergoing a hernia treatment under the supervision of the best surgeon for hernia repair in Gurgaon then he/she will always advise you to keep your exercise regime in practice as it will help maintain the abdominal wall tone and muscle mass in the long run.

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